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Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner

The summer is fast approaching, and for Chicago-area homeowners, that means it’s time to prepare for high cooling costs. However, high cooling costs are not necessarily a foregone conclusion—if you’re willing to put in a little effort, you can maximize the efficiency of your AC unit and significantly reduce your energy bills.

Insulate Your Home
The more cool air that escapes your home, the harder your air conditioner will have to work to maintain a constant indoor temperature. To reduce your cooling costs, consider adding extra insulation to key parts of your home—particularly the attic. You should also consider sealing cracks around your windows, doors, ductwork, and other vulnerable areas.

Change the Filter
Your air conditioner’s filter is responsible for keeping your unit’s components free of debris and for maintaining good indoor air quality. If you allow the filter to get too dirty, it will greatly reduce your AC system’s efficiency. Depending on which kind of filter your AC unit uses, you should clean or replace the filter once every one to three months during the summer.

Close the Blinds
Though a little bit of sunshine can be nice, it can also heat up your home and counteract the cooling your AC unit provides. To help keep your indoor air cool and comfortable during the day, consider closing the blinds of your south-facing windows. Once the sun goes down, open your blinds to enjoy the twilit sky.

Get an Annual Tune-Up
Though there is plenty you can do to increase the efficiency of your system , there are some things that are best left to the professionals. For the sake of your safety and comfort, consider having an AC maintenance expert perform a full tune-up on your AC system once a year. The best time to get a tune up is just before the cooling season begins, but it’s better late than never! If you’re looking for a team of Chicago AC repair professionals, trust Oasis Heating & Cooling, Inc.