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Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

Did you know that a simple air conditioner clog could reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency and even cause your AC unit to shut down? Oasis Heating & Cooling, Inc., a company that provides AC repair in Chicago , can help you get your AC unit ready for summer with a basic service appointment. By scheduling the following AC maintenance services, you can make your unit more effective while reducing its likelihood of needing future AC repairs.

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Change the Filters

As an experienced AC repair company serving Chicago, we recommend changing your air conditioner filters once per month during cooling season to extend the life of your AC unit and ensure optimal performance and efficiency. If you have allergy symptoms indoors, consider using a filter designed for trapping pollens.

Inspect the Condensate-Removal System

As warm air goes through the cooling coil, condensation builds up. This condensation usually drips into a gravity-fed drain or a pan under the blower unit. Sometimes, AC units even have a pump that moves the condensation to a drain. Whether your system has a pump or a pan, you should inspect the condensate-removal system before the height of summer to ensure it is functioning optimally. Some systems have a kill switch that shuts the system down if condensation in the pan reaches a certain height, so be sure to test the kill switch as well.

Clear Debris around the Condenser

In order for your AC unit’s exterior condenser to function properly, it needs to have completely unobstructed airflow around it. Before cooling season, inspect the exterior condenser to make sure it has two feet of clear space around it. Clean the condenser fan thoroughly with a garden hose to remove leaves, pollen, and other debris.

Take a Look at the Ductwork

Schedule a ductwork cleaning service with your local HVAC repair company every few years. You may be surprised by how many ducts contain mold, insects, and even rodents. Ductwork cleaning is especially important if you have allergy symptoms, as it gets rid of pollen and dust buildup.