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How to Manage Multiple Nest Thermostat Accounts

If you are looking for a great way to save on your monthly energy bills while maximizing the efficiency of your air conditioning, you may want to consider multiple Nest Thermostat accounts. During your AC installation near Chicago, your service technician will be able to explain the benefits and features of this innovative thermostat system. When Nest Thermostats are included during ac installations, they provide an unprecedented level of control and efficiency. To help you get the most out of your system after your air conditioning installation, here is a look at how to manage multiple Nest Thermostat accounts.


Set Up Your Account

Your Nest Thermostat can be controlled using your smartphone or your computer. To set up a Nest Thermostat Account on your phone, you will first need to download the Nest Account App. Once the App has been installed, you will be able to control your Nest products using your mobile device. When you set up your AC installation near Chicago, an air conditioning installation professional will be able to answer your questions about setting up your mobile App.

Add Another Home

If you own multiple homes, it is easy to manage all of your air conditioning systems using one Nest Account. In order to add another home to your Nest Account, you can simply log into your mobile App. Once you reach the menu screen, you will be able to add your home and thermostats to the system.

Changing Locations

When you move into a new home, you will be able to continue managing your thermostat using your Nest Account. In order to change or move your Nest Thermostat, you can log into your account settings. Once a thermostat has been removed, it can be added back in a new location. With these easy to use features, you will have no problem managing your home energy use from afar.